On top of being one of the most competitive clubs in the Midwest, 412 Elite also believes that EVERY player should have a chance to develop and compete.  That is the fundamental idea behind the creation of The 412 United program.  412 United will field teams at the 7th-11th grade levels and participate in a majority of local tournaments, with one away trip.

Each 412 United member will train in a learning-rich environment coached by 412 Elite Directors and guest trainers.

Every United player will receive a majority of the benefits that the Elite players receive, but they will have less of an emphasis on winning and competition. Instead, the emphasis will be placed on learning the game correctly and being able to develop as a player.  The goal is that every player in the United program is working on exactly what they need to in order to take their game to the next level.

Roster Construction

412 United will target athletes currently in 7-11th grades to field three teams at the U15, JV, and Varsity levels. Athletes must click the links below to register for an evaluation. Athletes who try out for 412 Elite but are not accepted will automatically be offered roster spots on United.

412 United team rosters may include:

  • 412 Elite athletes looking to supplement their tournament schedule
  • Out of area athletes invited to compete under the 412 Banner

Tournament Schedule

  • November 4-5 Rumble in Richmond (Virginia) U15
  • November 5 Rumble in Richmond (Virginia) High School Teams
  • July 14-15 Lax By the Bay (Sandusky, Ohio)
  • July 20-22 Cherry Bomb (Traverse City, Michigan) 
  • Projected dates for summer tournaments based on 2017 event dates


412 United is a scaled down version of 412 Elite which is reflective in tournament selection, player demands, and cost.

$900 for all three tournaments, $850 if unavailable for fall tournament

As a member of 412 United, each player will receive:

  • 1 fall tournament, 2 summer tournaments
  • Over 50 hours of training
  • 412 Elite Training Methodology
  • Uniform

Use the below contact form for questions or contact dper@pittsburghelitelacrosse.com

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