What is LacrosseRecruits.com?

As part of the SportsRecruits Recruiting Management Platform, LacrosseRecruits is the sport-specific solution built specifically for Lacrosse clubs. SportsRecruits automatically organizes the recruiting process for club staff and players. With SportsRecruits, club staff has complete transparency into every interaction of their players, allowing them to facilitate, guide, and empower the recruiting processes of their student-athletes.

Players build their player profiles with their athletic stats, academic transcripts, event schedule and video. The Built-In Messaging System connects players with every college coach in the country.

What LacrosseRecruits.com isn't...

LR is not a recruiting service that will send emails claiming college coaches are looking at your son and in order to know who is looking at your son you will need to pay an extra fee. (Several of our athletes were approached by a service offering this opportunity earlier this summer.)

LR is not a recruiting service that will promise scholarships or send out email blasts to college coaches.

How LacrosseRecruits.com Helps Our Athletes

When players connect a college coach, the coach is able to read a player's academic and athletic profile as well as watch game film. The profile itself is not unlike a Facebook profile.

The platform allows players to know when college coaches have viewed a player's profile and watched their game film. This feedback is much different than tweeting a highlight tape or sending an email and not hearing back from a college coach. This is an especially important feature for younger athletes trying to connect with college coaches ahead of the communication restrictions. 

Athletes favorite schools after conducting college searches using geographic, academic, and lacrosse filters. Our coaches then go back into a player's profile to tag appropriate schools on that player's favorite list or tag new schools they haven't considered yet. Players develop a greater understanding of who they are as an athlete with feedback from their coaches and from college coaches interacting with their profile.

How LacrosseRecruits.com Helps Our Staff

The platform keeps track of active users. This allows our staff to recognize who is serious about the recruiting process and who needs a little bit of encouragement. 

If an athlete is complaining about a lack of interest, the staff can check Lacrosse Recruits to determine whether or not that athlete is actually contacting college coaches or just hoping that someone sees them at an event.

When a college coach does view one of our player's profiles, the staff is notified and can then reach out to that coach for additional feedback.

If you're just sending emails to college coaches, you have no idea if they are being opened. If you are just posting your video on YouTube, you have no idea who is watching. LacrosseRecruits.com empowers athletes to take control of their recruiting process by using data not guesswork.