In settled 6v6 situations, five players must play without the ball, which means that 83% of the time an individual is playing sans ball if we're making sweeping generalizations. Surely, the crease attackman handles the ball less than the ball carrying quarterback style attackman. The point being players are often without the ball and yet still struggle to play off ball especially at the youth level. Watching a youth player try to sort through clearing through then realizing it is too only to set a half hearted pick is the worst.

Maybe this collection of shallow cuts will help you create better off ball players.

Shallow cut definition via

A shallow cut is used when you’re exchanging positions with the person dribbling the ball. This means going underneath them and keeping your defender occupied while they fill the spot that you were in.

From a lacrosse standpoint, some benefits of a shallow cut include:

  1. Create space for the dodger to continue to dodge 1v1 rather than run into your defender as well

  2. Become a safety value for the dodger because the shallow cut doesn't take too much time execute 

  3. Player executing the shallow cut can catch and go from a preferred dodging spot rather than having to carrying to that location

  4. Possibly induce a defensive switch which could set up a brief advantage for a slip or compromise defense's preferred match ups

Something slightly more basketball specific but may also help your offensive players better understand how to attack zone defenses.