As the 2017 spring approaches we look back on the best of the past.

A long time ago, a Mt. Lebanon coach said to me, "I don't want to see any of that happy horse s***." This was after a failed around the world attempt in practice. The first and last time I ever tried an around the world in practice or a game at any level. Certainly based on our 2015 Goal of the Year winner, the lacrosse world no longer considers trick shots to be hot dogging, but rather additional ways tools one could use to score goals.

One of those new ways of scoring is the twister or as some Canadians call it a crippler. Quite frankly, it isn't a new way of scoring at all it is just new to most Americans. The reason we like it so much is the twister/crippler allows you to both improve your angle and have a deceptive release point while keeping the stick in your strength. You could argue that young players especially feel more comfortable learning how to a shoot a twister than shooting behind the back because they can see the stick and their hands, a post for another time.

No one was scoring more goals at a more efficient rate to start the season than Mt. Lebanon junior attackman Connor Brumfield. Through the first nine games of 2016, Brumfield tallied 29 goals on 70% shooting. But, it was his work at the end of the season with this picture perfect twister against Pine Richland in the WPIAL semifinals that earned him the 2016 Goal of the Year.

The Yinzer Backhand made its debut in 2015 and many folks, particularly the Peters crowd, used in 2016. Here's hoping more twisters see the field in 2017.