We asked current Yinzers at the Next Level for their daily schedule to help shine some light on the college lacrosse lifestyle. Next up, 2014 Peters Township graduate Derek Bacchiochi, who is currently at Ohio Wesleyan University (D3). Older brother of 2018 Danny Bacchiochi. 

Fall Ball: 

Wake up at 8am 

Class 9-2pm 

Film & Chalk talk in locker room 3pm 

Practice 4-6pm 

Team lifts right after practice 6:15pm 

Dinner 7:15pm 

Homework/Relax rest of the night 


Spring Season 

Wake up at 6am 

Team lifts 6:30am 

Class 9-2pm 

Film & Scout 3pm

Practice 4-6pm 

Dinner 6:30pm 

Homework/Studying rest of the night 



Wake up at 9am 

Locker room 11am 

Pre Game warm up 12:15pm 

Gametime 1:pm