We asked current Yinzers at the Next Level for their daily schedule to help shine some light on the college lacrosse lifestyle. First up, 2016 Mt. Lebanon graduate Nick Tommasi, who is currently at Providence (D1). The Friars currently are ranked #20 in the nation. 


Fall: wake up at 5:30am

Practice at 6

lift/conditioning at 8

class 9-12 Film/Extra work 1-2:30

Class/Hw rest of the night

(Sometimes extra lifts later at night and more film sessions depending on class schedule)

Spring (Practice day): Wake up at 8

Class/HW until 3

Practice 3:30-6

Film/Lift 6-7:30

More HW for the rest of the night

Game day (1pm home game)

Wake up at 9am

Team Breakfast 9:30

Locker room at 11

Out to field for warmups and stretch at 12:15

Dominate at 1pm