We asked current Yinzers at the Next Level for their daily schedule to help shine some light on the college lacrosse lifestyle. Next up, 2014 Seneca Valley graduate Brennen O'Shea, who is currently at Thiel College (D3). Brennen finished the 2016 season with 51 points, landing him first-team all conference. 

Fall Ball

Wake up 5:15am

Practice 6-8am 

Class 9-1pm 

Individuals 2-3pm 

Lifting groups 5:30-7:30pm depending upon class schedule

Homework/Extra work rest of night 


Spring Season 

Wake up 9am 

Class 10-1pm 

Individuals 2-3pm 

Shoot around in dome 5-7pm

Practice 7-9pm 

Homework rest of the night 



Wake up 9am 

Team Breakfast 9:30 

Dressed in locker room by 11am 

Dial in stick 11:15am 

Dressed on field 12:15pm 

Get that W 1pm 


Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 12.05.54 AM.png

Brennen currently has 40 points on the season.