Studying game film is an incredibly useful component to player development as it allows you to analyze your play and learn from others without having to spend physical resources playing the game. Consider this spring. How many times did you log in to your team's hudl/krossover? How closely did you watch that footage?  As you get older, studying game film becomes the norm. The more you make game film a habit now the better prepared you will be for college lacrosse and the greater the impact you'll make on your school team in 2018.

In addition to watching your own film from the spring season, you will be able to watch our film from club tournaments on Krossover. We typically get film back from tournaments in two to three weeks and then the film is uploaded and indexed on Krossover. 

Other Film to Watch

Lacrosse Nation Youtube Channel has down a wonderful, although probably illegal, job of repurposing ESPN footage from 2017.

JVI Youtube Channel posts full length summer box games from Canada. Attackmen especially should be studying these films.