One of the questions we got in our recruiting survey was what do we say when contacting a college coach.

Two tips:

1) Have a genuine interest in the school. We can tell when we get a copy and paste letter from a college coach or camp director. Coaches can tell when you have sent the same form letter to ten other schools. This is also discussed in the article below.

2) Read this article by Sports Recruits, which includes a template to use as a starting point for your first contact with a coach. 

Don't be mad if you don't hear back from a college coach right away. There could be restrictions on their contact. They could also be focusing on an older recruiting class and simply choose not to waste time on a recruit that is still a year or two away. 

If you haven't gotten a chance to ask us a question about the recruiting process, you may do so by clicking this link. We have placed over 80 athletes in college since 2013. We're excited to help you be next.