Hopkins attackmen Kyle Marr uses the on ball defender and teammate clearing the crease as screens for an easy goal against Ohio State. 

Based on the location of the shot (stick side high), this is probably a save without a screen. 

Are you comfortable shooting around screens? Do you understand that if the goalie cannot see the ball for even a fraction of a moment you have a distinct advantage as a shooter?

(Click on the side edges of the photo to see the full sequence.)

Sometimes shooters will try to shoot over screens instead of around them. A shot low to low through traffic will likely go before an overhand high to high shot that the goalie can see immediately. 

Obviously the above example proves you can still score on a shot that finishes in the upper portion of the net.

Here is 412 Elite Box Travel alum Connor Brumfield (2017 Mt. Lebanon) expertly shooting around a screen. Watch the goalie's left leg take him away from the near pipe.