As the high school season winds down, the importance of winning games in May increases exponentially until everyone is in a win or play club ball situation. How can you put yourself in the best position to help the team?

Personal Development

In a recent podcast interview with Belmont Abbey assistant Joe Perruzzi asked, "Everybody practices for two hours a day. You’re not special. What are you doing before and after?"

Practice is to work on team concepts. You need to perfect your craft on your own time. That means before or after school, before or after practice, or a much longer session on the weekend.

Be intentional with your training. Twenty minutes of practicing what you do in a game is much better than two hours of time and room shots from seven yards away. 


Tom Brady has made some fanatical life choices, but it is hard to argue against them when he is still cutting it loose and likely just one terrible coaching decision away from winning another Super Bowl at 40. High school athletes don't have the time and resources of a dedicated professional athlete but you can still choose what and what not to eat and drink. 

If you're someone who is still drinking soda on game day, you're going to have a hard time fighting temptations in college.


Imagine if you're a high school athlete who goes to bed prior to 11pm or even 10pm. 

Imagine if you're a high school athlete who goes to bed at a reasonable hour and didn't look at their phone, television or computer for at least a half hour before bed.

Imagine the physical and mental competitive advantage you would have over your opponent knowing you got better sleep than he did. 


Via University of Detroit Jesuit Twitter:

Bad players don't take much seriously.

Average players take games seriously.

Good players take practice and games seriously.

Great players take academics, nutrition, warm ups, independent work, weight room, conditioning, film, practice, and games seriously.


It has to matter more than hanging out with friends or wasting away on Fortnite. If it doesn't that's okay too. Just don't be surprised or upset when you lose and feel unfulfilled. You have no one to blame but yourself.

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