If you want to score more goals, you need to have multiple finishes in your arsenal. And, the way you increase the number of ways to score is by layering skills together. Add these to your game today.

In the upcoming clips, you will see the shot at full speed, then zoomed in and slowed down.  The clips all start with a face dodge fake. If the goalie bites on the face dodge, the near pipe is exposed. If he freezes on the face dodge fake, we simply have to race him to the far pipe. In this set up moving from the left pipe to the right pipe with a right handed goalie, the far pipe finish is fairly automatic.

We really start to make it hard on him when we mix in a face dodge fake, far pipe, and then come back to the near pipe. 

In the third clip, we add in a twister.

In the final clip, we show how to use the fake in your off hand.

Face Dodge Fake, Finish Far

Ideally, we don't fade as much, but instead focus on finishing in front or "get your hips in between the posts to shoot." However, you'll notice at the 0:18 mark how much we are reaching the head of the stick around the goalie.

Face Dodge Fake, Far Pipe Fake, Finish Near

Notice after seeing the face dodge fake to finish far combo more than once, the goalie wants to jump to the far post. This is a prime example of having a plan when you shoot. More specifically, we know what we used on a previous shot, so here is something that looks similar but is different.

Face Dodge Fake, Twister Finish

The face dodge fake and the initial action of the twister pull the goalie's body to the near pipe. It's only after the ball has been shot that he realizes its going back to the far post and he tries to get the head of the stick back.

Face Dodge Fake, Fake Low, Finish High

Here we are still able to use the face dodge fake to set up a goal in our off hand by utilizing a level change fake from low to high. Be mindful of our whole body, particularly the front shoulder, dropping to sell the second fake.

The low to high level change fake results in essentially a left handed pass which feels more comfortable than trying to shoot the ball to the far pipe as we did in the previous shots. 

Once again, we don't get to the middle of the field but the secondary fake opens up the near pipe and we are able to stuff the ball into the corner.

  • Stand on the near pipe just outside the crease. Practice 10 face dodge fakes in a row to see what it feels like before you start driving the ball to the far post.
  • Notice how our hands are loaded up at the shoulder/collar bone area. Not at our waist. If the goalie does something we don't expect, we are in a position to move the ball right away.
  • More variations of the twister in the next post.

Develop your face dodge fakes and twisters by joining our box and field travel teams in July or August.

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Special thanks to 2020 goalie Jack Keller of Benilde St. Margaret's in Minneapolis. Jack was recently named to the all star team at FLG in 3D. Watch his fall highlights here.