Five different ways to score the ball.

Show Hands High

The shot picks on the likelihood that a goalie will bite or freeze on the first fake. 

Snap down with the top wrist and pull down with the bottom hand. Being choked up provides greater control and a quicker release point.

As our hands extend up on that little hitch, our body also elevates to really sell the high shot location. We shot the ball into the lower third of the net on the descent.

This shot can be considered the opposite of a leaner as shown here by John Grant Jr.


Notice the goalie's body initial drop low to mirror Junior's helmet drop low. Then, the goalie's hands have to reach back up as the ball stays high.

Behind the Back Fake

Layer this fake to free your hands to get top side and to freeze the goalie.

There isn't a big wind up here. Instead we rely heavily on having explosive wrists something discussed in greater detail in the next section.

Now watch Junior use the fake to get top side in an NLL game.


How much the goalie moves on each BTB fake.

This is also a fake to use when you're engaged with a defender on other parts of the field.

Think of being covered by an overzealous offensive midfielder who gets stuck playing defense. They are more likely to risk a home run check than a patient defensive midfielder.

No Cradle Shooting

Think of no cradle shooting as the big brother to a quick stick shot.

You often here the phrase don't bat at it with we regard to a quick stick. We don't want players to bat or swing at feeds inside.

This shot has more zip on it and more control than a quick stick because it does spend a little more time in the pocket than a quick stick. 

The skill to focus on should be explosive wrists which is more of a box term we've heard from Nick Myers at Ohio State. You'll get a great look at this in the final clip which is zoomed in and slowed down.

The ball ends up being stick side high but the pace off the shot and the quicker release surprises the goalie.

Fake Far, Around the World Near Pipe

If we don't layer the fake to the far pipe, the around the world shot hits the goalie squarely in the chest. But, because the goalie moves so much on the far pipe fake, his chest is angled in such a way that the ball ricochets into the net rather than out front.

The momentum of the fake also helps set up the around the world mechanics.

Drop Low, Shoot High

As our body compresses low, watch the goalie's knees drop as well.

For an extra degree of deception, our head also looks down then picks up to get eyes back on the net.

We want to shoot the ball coming out of the fake so we are either fully capitalizing on the goalie biting on the fake or racing him opposite if the fake just froze him.

Hands are really tight to the body on this shot and we are again relying on explosive wrists instead of long wind up.

Now, here's the same shot but off of a feed to the crease instead of a carry.

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Special thanks to 2020 goalie Jack Keller of Benilde St. Margaret's in Minneapolis. Jack was recently named to the all star team at FLG in 3D. Watch his fall highlights here.