If you're from a non traditional area, you have to work twice as hard as someone from a hotbed.

A serious lacrosse player from Baltimore will always have had better coaching than someone from Pittsburgh. 

That player will always have had better teammates growing up. 

That player has an advantage from a network standpoint, an IQ standpoint, and a goal setting standpoint due to having a better working knowledge of the recruiting process from growing up in a hotbed that produces hundreds of commits instead of twenty a year.

If you go to LaxPower's recruiting database for the class of 2017 and search Pittsburgh, there are six total results. This is slightly misleading because not every Western PA recruit lists Pittsburgh as their hometown. For comparison sake, Boys' Latin had twelve commits. 

There's no doubt that the fall ball practice environment at BL is a little different than it is in Pittsburgh in September.

You can be someone who complains about your circumstances.

You can be someone who says we aren't getting a fair shot because we're from Pittsburgh.

You can be someone who blames their school coach and blames the club coach for a lack of interest.

You can be someone who says, hey I have an opportunity to play with XYZ club team out of the area and that team is better than a Pittsburgh club. That isn't going to save you if you haven't done the work prior that summer tournament.

Clubs can put you on the field in front of college coaches but they can't make the college like you.

Or, you can be someone who understands that I have to do some extra work to accomplish my dreams. 

What does doing the extra work look like?

If you don't have a bucket of balls in your garage are you actually a serious recruit?

Extra work means time watching film, time in the weight room, and time on the field. That's not the same thing as researching what's the best recruiting camp or even worse spending money on going to more recruiting events. 

If you're a single sport athlete, going to fall ball with your school and a fall training session with your club team isn't going to be good enough.

That's the bare minimum and not a lot of people get that.

The football and soccer players aren't there, which means if you're an attackman, there's a good chance that big, punishing defenseman isn't covering you. 

So, instead of getting reps against the physical defenseman who always gives you problems, every fourth 1v1 rep you're dodging against the freshman who get stuck playing pole in 6th grade and no one was smart enough to move him to a different position.

Let's not pretend Boys Latin isn't missing kids for football and soccer either. The difference is their worst defenseman on the fall ball depth chart is better than the worst defenseman on a Pittsburgh fall ball depth chart.

You have to replicate being covered by a more physical defender in other ways. Maybe it's buying a blocking pad and working with a teammate on how to keep your head up while soaking checks. Maybe it is eating differently and going to the gym so you feel more confident to deal with a bigger defender.

Or, maybe it's both.

Or, maybe it's both and watching film of Jordan Wolf and going to a speed trainer.

At the very least you've recognized a weakness, you're willing to do the extra work and you're no longer tolerating and allowing an excuse to dictate your future.

You can't be someone who plays Fortnite and retweets dope memes all nights then complain about your recruiting process.