We don’t think he’s the best basketball player of all time, but he does have a lacrosse move named after him.

Here's the original Jordan moment that spawned the lacrosse technique.

The roll back to the corner sucks two defenders with him and then Jordan finishes with authority over Ewing.

For the lacrosse player...think of it as an extended rocker move. Then, add a hand exchange to further convince the defender you're rolling back. Then, change hands again and continue on your original course.

Here Penn's Simon Mathias (48 points in 2018) executes it against Yale's freshman sensation Chris Fake.

Here is a variation of the move coming from X where the dodger doesn't change hands but the defender still bites on the exaggerated roll back.

Here is another look from an up top dodge with a little more of a hand exchange but not as much as the first clip.

Whether you consider an official MJ move to require a full hand exchange is your call.

Point is, you can add this rocker on any part of the field. There was a time in our game when we thought only attackmen could rocker at the island. The internet and access to film from all sports continues to usher in a golden age of development.