Not a stronger guy so you want to be more deceptive on your time and room shots?

No problem.

By using a leaner, we convince the goalie that the ball is going to the far pipe.

But, we hold on to it longer and pull the ball back to the near pipe.

As the goalie leans with us, he opens up the near pipe.

It is up to the shooter to race the ball back to the near pipe after that.

Watch the clip in real time, slow motion, and then with freeze frame.

The freeze frames show off how far the front shoulder and front foot are pointing towards the far pipe.

(Shooting with a first generation Warp. You should have no problem replicating this skill set with premium mesh.)

Defenseman closing out your down field shoulder? 

Why not use the leaner to shoot around him? Plus, the defender becomes an instant screen.

If you try to shoot over the top of a defender approaching your down field shoulder, you are less likely to be over to follow all the way through.

Plus, the overhand release appears sooner in the goalie's vision than a sidearm around a screen.