It can be easy to look at the depth chart crystal ball to guess when you might become a starter.

Don't give in to this temptation. 

The sophomore goalie who concedes the position to the returning junior goalie after a senior graduated in the spring does no any favors.

If you take your extra work off and don't compete as hard in practice because you know you're not good enough to take over the starting role, you're doing a massive disservice to everyone on the team.

First of all, you yourself aren't improving.

You're not pushing the starter.

You're not making your other teammates around you better because you've elevated your play.

If you wait until the guy above you graduates, it is too late for you to start taking it seriously.

The worst case scenario would be if the starter gets hurt.

You're not ready to help because you have believed your time is still a year away.

Someone always gets hurt. When someone gets hurt, the strength of the program culture is tested.

Of course, it may not be an injury. Coach may just want to change things up in the second half.

If you're always ready, you don't have to get ready.