There is a narrative that football is losing steam in this country.

Concussions, anthem protests, abuse scandals and cord cutters are possible explanations.

A $70 million dollar high school stadium that opened last year in August suggests otherwise.

The fascination with Tom Brady's trainer suggests otherwise.

The worst NFL franchise being in the news every week in August because they're on HBO Hard Knocks suggests otherwise.

When September hits, there is more football content in one week than an entire NCAA lacrosse season. 

Do not get sucked into the football weekends.

There is no reason any high school student, much less someone who wants to be good at a spring sport, should go to the football game Friday night, watch two college football games Saturday, and then watch two more pro games on Sunday. 

Pick one.

Be present for that event, then find the library or the practice field or game some film.

Life goes on if you miss camo shirt night. Bet you 85% of the people in the stands and on the field won't notice if you stay home on Friday night.

You already know no one is coming to your Tuesday night game in early April when the weather can't decide if it wants to rain or snow. 

Spring sports don't have the summer preseason that football and soccer employ.

Every free moment September-March is an opportunity to distance yourself as an athlete from the competition.

Are you really going to be okay with being an average lacrosse player because you needed to watch every Pac 12 after dark football game this fall?

Are you going to be cool with not understanding off ball tactics because you had to start watching pregame shows to double check on your fantasy roster?

When you under perform in the spring just blame it on your club coach not the fact that you got sick at a high school football game because you had to wear the riskiest outfit for a theme night and never really recovered.

Football can be a very compelling sport to watch.

I'm front and center for as many Alabama games as possible. Not because I'm from Maryland and have adopted the Tide as my team but because I appreciate greatness. 

I'm sure I'll be front and center when I think Brady's run is going to end.

But, I know I can't watch two college games Saturday and then two games on Sunday for the same reason I stopped going golfing every weekend.

Football is a distraction that has nothing to do with my life.

I have to pick one game a week tops. I'd rather fall asleep to a British cop on Netflix than listen to Phil Simms.

I can't afford to watch more than one game a week

If you're a high school student, you can't either.

If you want to be great in the spring.

Get used to making sacrifices now for lacrosse.

You won't have a choice at the collegiate level or you'll be asked to leave the program.

Then, you can watch all the Notre Dame football games you want.