A timed wall ball routine is the only wall ball routine you should do.

A timed wall ball routine puts added pressure on not only throwing the ball hard but catching every pass.

A normal wall routine puts exactly zero emphasis on catching the ball.

You can’t complete this routine if you drop a pass.


RH (Regular) 10      

LH (Regular) 10      

Catch & Switch (Catch left, throw right) 10      

Catch & Switch (Catch right, throw left) 10      

Twister RH 10      

Twister LH 10      

Quick stick RH 10      

Quick stick LH 10        

One handed RH 5         

One handed LH 5         

Shovel RH 5         

Shovel LH 5         

BTB strong hand 5


High School Times

Attackmen should complete at 2:20 or less

Middies should complete at 2:30 or less

Poles/Goalies should complete at 2:45 or less


Not a lot of trust in the second Warp Warrior made.

Certainly not the pace you need to hit the time limit.