Another wrinkle to consider when selecting a prospect day.

Things you probably know.

Some schools don't have a prospect day because they don't feel like they can attract enough players and they fear that would tarnish their brand.

Higher tier schools have more than one prospect day throughout the year.

As we approach the fall prospect day circuit, if the school you're considering has more than one prospect day, do your best to find out which date is better.

What does better mean?

The better prospect day is the one that has the best kids from that schools watch list.

If you're an attackman who goes to Weekend A and the best defensemen go to Weekend might not get a great evaluation because you're not covered by the best poles.

Or, if the better attackmen go to Weekend B, you're going to be under more pressure to stand out.

You have to rely on your coach network to get in touch with the college coaches to help determine what weekend is the better weekend to attend. 

Keep in mind, the coaches might not know right away.

You might not be available the better weekend.

Some things in the recruiting process are out of our hands.

We've heard players complain about the team they were placed on at a prospect day.

The argument is, the school loaded up one team with all of their guys.

I would showcase better if I was playing with better players.

You know who is never playing with good players? Lebron James.

Someone is going to be the best player on every team.

His teammates will always hinder his ability to win and lose games.

His teammates have nothing to do with whether or not he can win a one on one match up.

It would be frustrating if you had to play "the recruits team" at a prospect day, but chances are good the coaches were more focused watching that game than they were when "the recruits" weren't playing.

Sounds like a great opportunity to make a play and be noticed.

If you (player or parent) don't ask for suggestions and feedback from club coaches and high school coaches, you are more likely to have a bad experience at a prospect day.

If you do it on your own, you are more likely to end up at a prospect day for a school that isn't an athletic fit for you.

Don't be the person who thinks I can make this D1 roster because they've historically been bad and I'm one of the good players in my area.

That school has been bad with players who are bigger, stronger, faster, and more skilled. You're not going to help.

If you do it on your own or you don't want to listen to the advice of coaches, take a glance at where players from your area have gone on to college and use that as a guide.