#NovemberrrrrrRecruiting is coming.

*Originally posted November 17, 2014 so some recruiting rules are dated.

Notre Dame assistant coach Gerry Byrne tweeted this last Friday:

The weather was miserable once again this weekend which led to latex gloves, tights or leggings depending upon your masculinity issues, athletic tape over ear holes, and for some the dreaded sweatpants under shorts look. There’s a lot on the line at these events and I can’t imagine what it’s like to travel to a November event with that understand and then learn the weather is going to be frigid.

Hey, could be a life changing weekend for you, assuming you can feel your stick in your hands and you can get decent traction on a chewed up field.

As overtly critical as I’ve been of fashion choices over the seven years of curating 412, I’ve shifted a bit to a “whatever it takes” mindset when it comes to staying warm. Freshmen need to deliver in front of D1 coaches and juniors need to stand out for D3 coaches in advance of the summer. Sophomores are somewhere in between. Likely lost in self doubt as another 14 year old commits to an ACC school. These athletes might have one half to make a play to get noticed. It’s a lot easier to convert if you’re physically comfortable which may mean tights and latex gloves. Parents watching from the sideline have certainly adopted a whatever it takes mentality. I saw boots with the fur, blankets, and personal heaters.

Whatever it takes.

It is cold for everyone.

Go make a play.

2018 MadLax attackman Joey Epstein, one of four 2018 Hopkins commits, didn’t seem to mind the conditions. In fact, the 2018 MadLax versus Big 4 game was the most impressive game I saw all weekend at the FLG in 3D event. Maybe because I’m enamored with figuring out how to develop middle school athletes from new lacrosse areas into D1 prospects, or at the very least into capable varsity athletes. Maybe because I’m enamored with the early recruiting process and am trying to train my eye to notice the same things the D1 coaches in attendance for this particular game notice. Maybe because there are so many average club teams that it is refreshing to watch a game between two elite squads.

The game was fast, technical (the MadLax coach seemingly had 10 word play calls), and spirited with a near dog pile on the MadLax goalie at the conclusion. It was a sobering reminder just how far away Pittsburgh and other developing areas are from competing with the best of the best.

For all intents and purposes, these are children playing in 34 degree weather, not factoring in the wind chill or grey skies that make people depressed. If you’re someone who complains about the early recruiting process, ask yourself how did you perform the last time you participated in a scrimmage on a beat up grass field in 30 degree weather? According to Recruiting Rundown’s listing, there were potentially four D1 commits on the field during the MadLax Big 4 game.  There’s a difference between the elite and the card carrying members of the cult of mediocrity. The elite perform in all conditions. The mediocre need the sun shining on their faces.

  • Joey Epstein’s highlight tape opens with three goals scored against the Crabs. The last goal is the overtime winner. The game took place in the pouring rain. Weird.
  • Parents who give coaching instructions from the sidelines are the worst human beings at any recruiting event. Way worse than the athlete who goes palms up to his coach after a turnover.