412 Elite is the premier off season training, recruiting, and travel lacrosse organization in Pittsburgh for 11-18 year old athletes.

The club was created in 2015 to help build the brand of lacrosse in Pittsburgh by providing a safe, structured, and competitive off-season developmental program. The club conducts weekly position training sessions for players of all ages and participates in local and national passing tournaments. Our camps and training sessions are designed to enhance and develop new skills to achieve new levels of play and self- confidence.  

The players that participate in our program learn from an experienced group of college educated professionals, that pride themselves on nurturing our young leaders of tomorrow with an emphasis on citizenship, intellectual development, and leadership.    


  • Event Production, Marketing and Management
  • Flexible Hours and work from home
  • 4-7 Hours Per Week
  • Excellent Opportunity to gain experience within your field

Requirements Include:

  • Passion for Sports
  • Excellent Writing and Communication Skills
  • Self-motivated, Organized, Talented, Creative
  • Outgoing & Innovative
  • Flexibility to Travel

Assignments Include:     

  • Data Collection
  • Data Entry
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Market Research
  • Product Development
  • Athlete Evaluations

Internship Guidelines

The following guidelines will help assure that you will maximize your internship experience and serve as a positive representative of your academic program, 412 Elite, and its affiliates. Your readiness to enter your chosen field will be assessed/evaluated based on these expectations as demonstrated at your internship:

  • Act in a professional and ethical manner. For example: 
    • dress in an appropriate manner
    • follow through on commitments
    • do not conduct personal business during work hours
    • be prompt when reporting to work and with completing assignments
    • give your work your best effort
  • Be positive and supportive
  • Keep an open mind; avoid jumping to conclusions; develop informed opinions
  • Be observant; note how employees organize their ideas and respond to and ask questions
  • Be fair, considerate, honest, trustworthy, and cooperative when dealing with co-workers and clients/customers
  • Assert yourself and your ideas in an appropriate and tactful manner
  • Seek feedback from your supervisor(s), accept suggestions for corrective changes in behavior and work to improve your performance
  • Accept constructive criticism; continuously strive to improve and grow professionally
  • Enhance your professional effectiveness by improving skills and acquiring new knowledge Your conduct should make the employer want to host other students in the future.

Be sure that you:

  • Clearly identify start/end dates and determine your work schedule with your worksite supervisor
  • Familiarize yourself with and adhere to organizational arrangements, policies, procedures and functions
  • Maintain confidentiality of work-related personnel and projects
  • Understand what constitutes a permissible work absence and whom to notify if absent
  • Report to your faculty coordinator changes in work schedule, supervision or problems at your site
  • Remain drug and alcohol-free, and avoid use of controlled substances

 Please send your resume and a cover letter along to dper@pittsburghelitelacrosse.com